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Portraits With Santa


Santa pays a special visit to our studio once a year for the opportunity for your children to make special memories with him and for those memories to be captured in portraits for you to share with everyone.

These are interactive portraits with Santa, so you get more then just the one picture of your child on Santa's lab, like at the mall. A session is 20 minutes long, with a limit of 4 children per seesion, in that 20 minutes your child gets to meet, talk to and play in Santa's workshop with him for great Christmas Portaits.

Mark your calendars now for Sun. Nov. 24th 2013, that will be Santa's next visit and his only visit in 2013.

Welcome to Santa's Workshop... 

Santa Package is $50.00 for sitting and 2-5x7 & 8 wallets

or 25 custom designed Christmas Cards.

Sitting with a CD of up to 10 images on it is $125.00
Limit of 4 children per sitting time. 

Why so early... well it isn't that early and most of all there needs to be time to edit the photo, for people to order, time for custom card design and then time for printing and time for you to mail or hand them out. Thanks! 

The background and set could change and be different from year to year. 




 The background and set could change and be different from year to year.